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Welcome to the web site of the CNRS-INS2I scientific council, 2014-2018 period

(CNRS National Institute of Information Sciences and Technologies)


This site established by the board of the INS2I Scientific Council for the period 2014-2018, has two objectives:

  • Provide to the Information Sciences and Technology community information on the work of the Council;
  • Provide private workspace to the member of the Scientific Council.

What is the CNRS-INS2I Institute?

The CNRS Institute for Information Sciences and Technologies (INS2I) supports and coordinates the 59 teams and research laboratories  working in computer science, control theory, signal and image processing, robotics, and Systems-on-Chip (SoC) design. The Institute promotes basic research in the above disciplines in close connection with interdisciplinary scientific challenges and major social and economic issues.

INS2I’s mission is to support and coordinate research in information science, while confronting basic research with social and economic issues. For this purpose, the Institute encourages interactions with other disciplines, especially with mathematical sciences, the life sciences, the humanities and social sciences, and engineering sciences. INS2I ensures the scientific quality and excellence of its laboratories and teams by facilitating the recruitment of toplevel researchers as well as the dissemination and sharing of good practice.

Aware of the strong societal impact of information science, the Institute develops and strengthens links between its laboratories and socio-economic actors, and establishes direct partnerships with the main players in the digital technology industry.

The evaluation committees associated to INS2I are:

  • Section 06 : Information Sciences : foundations of computer science, computation, algorithms, representations, operations
  • Section 07 : Information Sciences : processing, hardware-software integrated systems, robots, controls, images, content, interactions, signals and languages

What is the role of the INS2I Scientific Council ?

For each of its  10 institutes, the CNRS set up a dedicated scientific council. These Institute Scientific Councils (CSI) aim at:

  • Prospectively advise and assist through their opinions and recommendations the director of the institute on the relevance and timeliness of the Institute’s projects and activities;
  • Be consulted on points of divergence between the proposal of the scientific evaluation committees and the positions of the director of the Institute, through a formal meeting between the director of the institute, the President of CSI and the presidents of the relevant scientific committees;
  • Be consulted on the appointment of the members of the recruitment committees for research tenure position.

How the INS2I Scientific Council is set up  ?

Each CSI has 24 members:

  • 12 members are directly elected from people contributing in teams and research labs of the Institute; 
  • 12 members nominated by the President of CNRS, after the advisory recommendations of the CNRS Scientific Council,, including  external people among them at least half of them are working in a country part of the European Union.

For each  CSI, an executive board is selected that includes:

  • One Chairman elected by the members of the Institute Scientific Council
  • 4 officers : 2 elected by the members of the CSI, and 2 nominated by the director of the institute among the CSI members

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